Perched upon a midnight organ…

There upon the dusty organ napped,
Some tiki-toons from Walt Disney’s map.
They grinned and grinned all night and day,
Hoping to bring a smile to people on their way.
Ignore the dust and enjoy the statues,
They are the ones I hope will catch you.
Coming or going it doesn’t matter,
They will be there in the latter.

Haha, I don’t care if it makes any sense. I wanted to show them off anyways!


Who protects Who?

So yesterday, I received a cute little gift that I placed in front of my Jedi Mickey. After looking at it, I started to ponder! Who is protecting who here? Does Jedi Mickey need protection from the little, prickly, cactus guy, or is the little, prickly, cactus guy being protected by Jedi Mickey? You decide!

Cactus Guy and Jedi Mickey


Whosoever could love a beast???

Thanks my friend Jenny, I have another addition to my Disney collection! This time, it comes in the form of one of my favorite Disney Classics, Beauty and the Beast! And yes, I am the beast! Hopefully I can find Belle before the last petal falls and if I can get myself motivated again, I can become that prince — minus the hair! Hahaha!

Beast & Belle


Did you hear what I heard?

I didn’t feel much like decorating for Christmas this year but thanks to someone special, I did get to adorn my mantle with some decorations! Although they don’t screech out a tune every day, they still look nice sitting up there in front of my other special gift from the past! This little band plays loud and proud when approached!

My Disney Wireless Band